Working from Home (WFH) Appointment Overload

Working from Home WFH Appointment Overload

Some folks have noticed since moving to work from home in the last year, an overwhelming number of appointments are being scheduled on your calendar. Topics that could have been discussed while popping into a co-worker’s office are now eating away at the real estate on your calendar. Even as Covid begins to recede, at…

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The Mysterious Disappearing Outlook Desktop Alerts

A recurring issue we have encountered at several of our clients is that of Outlook desktop alerts which suddenly stop firing.  As you can imagine this leaves users frustrated and could lead to missed deadlines and less than optimal communications.  While not exhaustive here are a couple of tips to identify the root cause of…

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Ignoring Conversations in Outlook

Recently, I received an e-mail which was also sent to 10 other people about organizing a meeting.  In my usual timely fashion, I replied only to the sender that I was unable to attend.  And, as I’m sure many of you have experienced, I continued to receive emails regarding the invitation by the other people…

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