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ASI is an award-winning iManage Implementation partner with over 20+ years experience with iManage (formerly HP Autonomy / FileSite, DeskSite / Interwoven). We help with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and DMS migrations and custom solutions for imanage and IDOL. We specialize as well in Cloud Security and Information Governance. 

Demystifying Data Migration to the iManage Cloud

By Chuck Davis | May 20, 2020 |

Your infrastructure is old and you finally convinced your executive committee, technology committee and general counsel that the time is right for a move to the iManage Cloud. You checked with the firm’s clients and have obtained the proper consent. You’re now starting to think about how you will move millions of documents and metadata from your long standing on premise DMS to This is one of the key components of the project, and it requires a solid plan and the right methodology to complete efficiently and safely.   In the early days of migrations iManage supported what was commonly referred to as “lift and shift”.  Simply stated, lift and shift means that the documents themselves (i.e. Word docs, PDF’s and emails, etc.) are copied to the Cloud using traditional methods such as RoboCopy and encrypted portable hard drives or secure FTP connections. After the seed and delta copies were complete, all that was left to do was to upload a copy of the iManage database. Older versions required a DB upgrade which was either completed on site (prior to the migration) or in some cases the database was upgraded at the point of ingestion into the Cloud. Given the large volume of organizations moving to the Cloud, and also, lessons learned along the way, in early 2019 iManage required that all migrations must pass through the RestAPI.  Leading partners such as Adaptive Solutions, Prosperoware and other iManage vendors worked to develop their own migration tools to automate the process while adhering to the RestAPI standard and newly developing best practices.   So where does this so called Cloud data migration confusion come from?  One area of concern is that RBRO Solutions has developed a RestAPI migration tool which is named “Transport Lift and Shift”.  Understand that this is simply the product name of their utility and does not constitute a traditional lift and shift migration methodology. More recently, in September of 2019, iManage revised their stance on RestAPI migrations and is again supporting lift and shift conversions. The benefits of lift and shift include faster migrations and lower cost; as this eliminates the need to purchase a migration utility and also consulting services are reduced as less time is required to configure, run and monitor the migration process.   The ground rules for when lift and shift is possible are simple. Think of it like this – If your on premise iManage document footprint is collectively 4TB or larger, then lift and shift is an option.  For smaller organizations (with less than 4TB of data) the RestAPI migration using a approved tool remains the recommended approach.  Both options have their pros and cons; most of which relate to data size, location, migration strategy and available bandwidth.   Please keep in mind that these data migration considerations also factor into conversions from competitive DM systems (e.g. EDocs, NetDocuments and…

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