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ASI is an award-winning iManage Implementation partner with over 20+ years experience with iManage (formerly HP Autonomy / FileSite, DeskSite / Interwoven). We help with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and DMS migrations and custom solutions for imanage and IDOL. We specialize as well in Cloud Security and Information Governance. 

Is Your iManage Work Data Ready for the Cloud?

By Sara Singletary | August 12, 2021 |
Is Your iManage Work Data Ready for the Cloud?

If you are considering moving your iManage Work database to the cloud, you’ll want to be sure your data is healthy and error-free. iManage provides a utility at no charge to its customers to analyze your data prior to migrating to the cloud. This utility, imDBCheck, is run against your production iManage Work database. imDBCheck reports on 54 separate tests, including referential integrity checks, consistency checks, and health checks. Report results include detailed lists of affected records, an explanation of each issue, and links to iManage technotes with further information and remediation suggestions. Some of the most common issues found by imDBCheck are: Invalid or mismatched metadata on documents, folders, and workspaces: Validated metadata fields must have a value contained in the corresponding lookup tables. Parent-child metadata values must have a matching parent-child relationship in the lookup tables. Duplicate user IDs, group IDs, or e-mail addresses: Non-unique user and group IDs may affect how security is applied. Non-unique e-mail addresses may affect e-mail filing. Non-printable characters in document, folder, or workspace names or other fields: Invalid characters such as a tab can cause failed searches and display issues. Folders or documents in flat space: Folders or documents that are not filed in a workspace are not supported in iManage Cloud. Get out in front of potential migration issues by running imDBCheck and taking proactive steps to get your data ready for migration to the cloud.

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iManage / ECM Receive Implementation and Custom Solutions for your firm's ECM and DMS needs from an award-winning iManage Implementation partner with over 20+ years experience.
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