Summarizing the ILTA 2015 Technology Survey

, Summarizing the ILTA 2015 Technology Survey

If you’re anything like me, you wait anxiously each year to sit down and thumb through the annual ILTA Technology Survey.

The 2015 ILTA Technology Survey

The 2015 report was recently released and as usual, there were some interesting take aways.

The total number of firms responding were (420), with the top three technology challenges identified as

  1. Security and Risk Management
  2. Change: Managing Expectations for Users and Management, and
  3. Change: Users’ Acceptance of Change.

Email Management continues to be a top concern, finishing in a not so distant fourth place.

Security of Utmost Concern

It’s clear that security has become a top priority for legal IT professionals, with the survey documenting a strong focus on Intrusion Prevention Systems, data encryption and mobile device management.

A Decline in Interest of VDI Desktops

An interesting tidbit was the radical decline and lack of interest in VDI desktops, with less than 10% of respondents indicating they are rolled out, and the percentage of firms researching and/or testing virtual desktop technology drastically declining from 35% in 2014 down to just 21% in 2015.  I suspect that law firms are starting to realize that VDI technology is costly and complex and often not worth the additional investment; especially with the arrival of more direct access methods for accessing documents and email via cloud-based and anywhere access solutions.

Desktop Takeaways

On the desktop side there was a strong showing for the adoption of Windows 7 in both x64 and 32-bit flavors, and we expect a shift in 2016 as firms begin to consider a leap over Windows 8.x and begin planning for the design and deployment of Windows 10.

It seems that 2016 may again be the year of the legal desktop!

DMS Surprises

In the DMS arena there were some surprises with iManage gaining a small amount of market share, jumping from 49% to 50%.  Worldox also jumped up from 10% to 13% and NetDocs continues to hold the line at 8% of reporting firms running their highly-secure cloud-based DMS.

Are you down with ILTA?A

If you’re not a member of ILTA, take some time and check out the association at:

It’s a great community for peer to peer networking and IT collaboration and education.  In addition to their annual conference there are local chapter events, road shows, and plenty of educational sessions promoted throughout the calendar year.

If you decide to join we look forward to seeing you at conference at The Gaylord Convention Center in National Harbor, MD between the dates of August 28th – September 1st of 2016.

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