Setting Worksite Indexer Services to Start Automatically After a Server Restart

, Setting Worksite Indexer Services to Start Automatically After a Server Restart

One of the challenges for iManage Indexer (IDOL) administrators is automatically starting IDOL services in the proper order after a server restart, particularly if the restart is triggered (I’m looking at you Windows Updates!). Whether IDOL servers should be included in triggered reboots is a topic for another time, or better left to be resolved in an old-fashioned celebrity deathmatch between your DM and Server Admins.

Some have just decided to set them to start manually and use other detection methods (a user call perhaps?) to be alerted that the services have stopped, and then connect to the server and start them manually, using the provided iManage batch files.

Another option, and the one this post is about, is to use Microsoft’s very own Service Dependencies tab. Every service on Microsoft Windows has a dependency tab where the services required for another service to run are shown. To get there just run ‘services.msc’, right-click on any service, select ‘Properties’ and click on ‘Dependencies’ tab.

We can take advantage of this Windows feature by defining each IDOL service dependency and setting them to start automatically.

For example, in a system with a single WorkSite Content Engine and Active Content enabled, the start order would be:

  1. WorkSite Content
  2. WorkSite Active Content
  3. WorkSite IDOL
  4. WorkSite Active DIH
  5. WorkSite Ingestion Server
  6. WorkSite Connector
  7. WorkSite SyncTool

If you rely on dependencies to maintain this start order, WorkSite SyncTool depends on WorkSite Connector, WorkSite Connector depends on WorkSite Ingestion Server, and so forth, with WorkSite SyncTool being the last service to start and WorkSite Content being the first.

To set these dependencies, we run a batch file on the IDOL server which has the following commands:

sc config “WorkSite SyncTool” depend= “WorkSite Connector”

sc config “WorkSite Connector” depend= “WorkSite Ingestion Server”

sc config “WorkSite Ingestion Server” depend= “WorkSite Active DIH”

sc config “WorkSite Active DIH” depend= “WorkSite IDOL”

sc config “WorkSite IDOL” depend= “WorkSite Active Content”

sc config “WorkSite Active Content” depend= “WorkSite Content”

Note: You can also do this by opening a Command Prompt as an administrator and running each ‘sc config’ command, one by one.

If your configuration has more than one WorkSite Content or/and does not have Active Content enabled you will need to add or remove some lines (commands), but this should get you started.

You can now safely trust your Server Admin to reboot your indexer, assuming they cleanly shutdown the IDOL services. Yikes!!! Stay tuned for a tip on that challenge.

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