Information Governance

We can help your company formulate an information governance program to ensure your company is reaching its goals.

Information Governance

An organization’s policies and processes for managing electronic information and physical records encompass who has access, audit trails detailing activities related to the content and ultimately disposition of this information. Having formalized procedures and systems in place are important to ensure the integrity of company data, maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as, adhere to client requirements. In addition, designing the right information governance strategy for your organization will reduce risk of security breach by monitoring and investigating suspicious activities relating to electronic content.

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Records Management

  • Assessment of current operations
  • Implementation, Migration from Legacy Systems, Upgrades
  • Configure disposition schedules, processes and reporting
  • Customize user interface, reports and labels
  • Implementation of appropriate technology solutions
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Security Management

  • Need-to-know Security Model
  • Ethical walls
  • Implementation of appropriate technology solutions
  • Compliance and regulatory planning
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Monitoring and Reporting

  • Assessment of risk (phishing campaigns, password management, etc.)
  • Identification of suspicious internal activities
  • Expose potential external risk (i.e., hackers)
  • Implementation of appropriate technology solutions