, Custom Development

Custom Development

Whether you need to tweak an off the shelf product, maintain or enhance a legacy information system, or you need to build a new enterprise application, you can trust Adaptive Solutions for your custom development needs. In addition to being experienced developers and experts in database design, we specialize in building custom solutions that leverage the power of APIs for document management systems, such as iManage and NetDocuments.

- Document management import solutions to migrate file shares into your DMS by recreating the tree structure to make migrations to document management easier for users to adopt

- Records Management migration tools to extract data from legacy Records Management systems and map the data into modern information governance applications

- Data extraction tools to export large amounts of documents or profile information from one system to another, along with sophisticated document provisioning utilities that allow you to place documents into correct folders within the DMS based on metadata

- New matter intake web interfaces

- Custom document id footer macros