Passwords, Passwords, Passwords

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords

A repair, upgrade, or evaluation. Not a week goes by where an engineer at Adaptive Solutions can’t assist by guessing a password, even with customers without a previous business relationship. This isn’t an iManage problem, indeed, it often stems from old systems that are now being upgraded or moved to the Cloud. The engineers setting up these older environments had the same training but at a time when security was a nice fuzzy dream and the collective mindset and security posture then is nothing like what we see today. There are a handful of known common passwords that have gotten me out of several binds.


If you are upgrading your On-Premises environment or moving to the Cloud, this is a good time to review what passwords you are using: impersonation, explicit NRT admins, and service accounts. If you are using Single Sign-On, consider locking down your systems so that explicit logins are not possible. And if you need help with setting up Single Sign-On please let us know. We’ll be happy to assist.

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