New ‘365’ products from Microsoft may change the way you license and manage PC’s


Most businesses are now familiar with Microsoft’s ‘Office365’ suite of products which provide a range of services to their end users – email, instant messaging, Word, Excel, Outlook etc. The adoption rate of Office365 as a platform for replacing aging, on-premise Exchange servers has been extremely high (more than 90% of clients have chosen to move to cloud-based email through Office365 rather than re-invest in new hardware and buy expensive licensing).

Now Microsoft is expanding this concept with their ‘Microsoft365’ product line which combines Windows 10, Office365, and Enterprise Mobility and Security into one product, allowing businesses to license all the functionality of the desktop via a monthly subscription, moving costs from CAPEX to OPEX, leveraging the redundancy of the Microsoft cloud, and offering the flexibility to expand or reduce license counts according to business needs.

Microsoft 365 will be offered in two versions from August 2017:

Microsoft 365 Professional

Upgrade to Windows 10 Professional from Windows 7/8

Office 365 Business Premium (email, Skype, Office suite etc)

Cyberthreat Protection

Deployment and Management Tools

As for which to choose, it depends on the needs of your business.  At Adaptive Solutions, we’ve been recommending Windows 10 Enterprise as the OS of choice, even to smaller law firms and organizations, due largely to the additional security and management tools that it offers.

Monthly pricing for Microsoft 365 is expected to be announced in August.  I’ll update this blog once it’s released. In the meantime, if you want to discuss which ‘365’ products are the right fit for your business, feel free to reach out to me.

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