Cloud Computing a Surprise Winner at the Preakness – Could it be A Surprise Winner for your DMS?


DMS providers are encouraging clients and prospects to move to the cloud, but is it the right move for your firm or company?  There are several factors to consider:

  • Security – Most cloud solutions have multiple security certifications and include multiple levels of encryption.  There are options for shared vs. siloed clouds and options for where encryption keys reside.
  • Expenses – Cloud solutions offer predictable expenditures and move DMS expenses from capital to operational budgets.
  • Storage Costs – With the decreasing cost of storage, cloud computing is allowing for increasing storage limits at lower costs. Before going cloud it makes sense to do a comprehensive cost comparison of cloud vs. on premise solutions.
  • Updates – Cloud solutions make it easier to keeping up with latest updates, which are coming at faster and faster pace. These updates include not only bug fixes, but also new features that make the DMS more powerful and user friendly.
  • Add-on Software – “Add on” softwares are often included in cloud implementations. Whether you are looking for secure File Sharing solutions, OCR capabilities, or mobility solutions, these features are often bundled into your cloud solution at either no cost or reduced costs.

Our team of experts is happy to discuss cloud options further or schedule a cloud readiness assessment. Please contact ASI at [email protected] or 610-489-9872 for more information.

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