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The name ‘Adaptive Solutions’ is synonymous, to many people, with two things:

  1. Providing high quality professional services across a wide range of tech related projects and initiatives
  2. The legal industry

The former comes courtesy of the many talented individuals who work every day to provide our clients with the very best service and resolutions. The latter stems from a variety of contributing factors:

  • We have our roots in the legal industry. Before they were business owners, the guys that founded Adaptive were technologists for significant law firms, and understood that legal IT requires a very specific approach.
  • Law firms talk to each other. To an extent unparalleled in pretty much any other industry, the management of law firms exchange ideas, information and thoughts on best practices with each other. They also look to each other for recommendations on vendors of products and services – do a good job for one firm, chances are they’ll refer their peers to you for similar work in the future.
  • Adaptive, as an organization actively sponsors and engages with organizations that allow us to interact with law firm professionals, whether they’re administrators or technology-focused groups which keeps us connected to the industry and its thought-leadership.

My work-day yesterday was book-ended by two very different events. The morning started off with a Business Partner breakfast hosted by the Philadelphia Chapter of the ALA (Association of Legal Administrators). – a great chance to catch up both ALA members, most of whom hold senior management positions within Philadelphia-based law firms, and other business partners who, like Adaptive provide services to the legal industry. A cup of coffee, several conversations – and that’s it. No new major sales leads, but we stay connected, and tuned in to what’s happening.

Late afternoon saw Adaptive exhibiting at the Delaware Valley Legal Expo. Over the course of several hours we talked with lawyers, administrators and law firm technologists about what’s happening in their firms – the challenges, the concerns and the perceived opportunities. A couple of people indicated that they may need Adaptive’s services, which is always good to hear. But more importantly the conversations we had allowed us to stay connected and informed about the current legal technology mindset.

The network to which we find ourselves connected is not one of switches, routers and gateways, but one of personal connections to law firms, fellow-vendors and supplier, and of course the people that work there. To us, they are priceless and indispensable, and we will continue to work hard to maintain them.

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