Microsoft offers enterprise-grade security and control for your business, With small-medium business-friendly pricing

With Windows 10 and Secure Productive Enterprise, Microsoft is making it easier for you to get the benefits of enterprise-grade security and control – without enterprise-grade complexity or cost.

This is a great option for SMB’s as there is no longer a need to buy a volume license for business with smaller license counts. Instead, the following benefits are offered:

  • A pay-as-you-go subscription model
  • Per-user, per-month pricing

The lower up front costs give small  to medium sized businesses the flexibility to scale up or down, from month-to-month, as needs change.

In addition, each monthly subscription allows up to 5 Windows 10 Enterprise activation’s. Activation’s are associated to the subscribed user. Licenses can also be moved between users, allowing you to optimize your investment against changing needs.

Licenses are applied thru the Azure portal and require Active directory sync to be enabled. A group Policy can be configured to automatically register and apply the licenses when a licensed domain user logs onto the device.

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