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Microsoft Expands Preview of Office for Android Tablet

, Microsoft Expands Preview of Office for Android Tablet

Prior to yesterday the one hole in the “Office for…” lineup has been the Android tablet.  This has now been corrected with the release of Office for Android Tablet via Google play.  You will now be able to enjoy all of the Microsoft Office goodness on devices in the 7 to 10 inch range (sorry all you Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro users).  From a purely anecdotal standpoint we don’t see too many Android tab users in the corporate space, but for those of us who are this is a welcome addition.

The product line at this point is limited to Word, Excel and PowerPoint and has been annotated as “Preview” versions.  Our initial review shows the apps to be exactly what one would expect of any of the ports of the popular productivity suite into the world of mobile computing.  These join the existing Lync 2013 client (a godsend – if you aren’t using Lync you should be!) and the Outlook Web App Application (an unfortunate descriptor).

All are available from Google play now.

You may find a link to the original Microsoft announcement here.

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