iManage Work 10 Feature Spotlight – Journaling

iManage Work 10 Feature Spotlight – Journaling

Users who accidentally choose “replace original” when saving a document now have the ability to download the document they inadvertently overwrote without having to contact an administrator. iManage Work 10 gives administrators the ability to create backup copies of user’s documents, eliminating the need to perform work on the backend system to retrieve documents that have been overwritten by a user. This time-saving concept is called Journaling.

Journaling holds a backup copy of a document on the file server that a user can access themselves. If a user replaces an original document, a full copy of the replaced document is created. If the user needs to retrieve the copy they saved over, they can access it via the Document Timeline within the web client. The timeline will show an entry when the original was replaced and give the user the option to “Download Previous Edit”. Users can also access this command from the Trash feature in the Work 10 Add-ons. Once the user downloads the document, an entry for the action is written into the DOCHISTORY table.

To enable this feature on your WorkSite system, you will need to activate Journal Storage on your file server and turn on the feature within the Work Server settings. It is recommended to have a file server solely dedicated to Journaling. Items will remain on the Journaling server until they are purged by an administrator.

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