Ignoring Conversations in Outlook

Recently, I received an e-mail which was also sent to 10 other people about organizing a meeting.  In my usual timely fashion, I replied only to the sender that I was unable to attend.  And, as I’m sure many of you have experienced, I continued to receive emails regarding the invitation by the other people who were invited because they select Reply All.  I don’t know about you, but I find this to be annoying and distracting.  If I already declined, I don’t need to know who else is attending or any information about the meeting!  So, the emails keep coming, I keep deleting and, I might add, getting annoyed each time!

Well, do you know about a feature in Outlook which takes care of this problem? I found it and just had to share it!


It’s the Ignore Conversation button found in the Delete group:      , Ignoring Conversations in Outlook


All you need to do is select the email you want to stop receiving, then from the Delete group, click on the Ignore Conversation button. This feature removes all messages related to the conversation that you select, and moves future messages of the conversation directly to your Deleted Items.

Who knew it was that easy?

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