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Gmail filing with iManage Work 10

Gmail filing with iManage Work 10

Gmail filing with iManage Work 10

With iManage Work 10, email filing capabilities have expanded outside of the realms of Outlook with iManage Work 10 Email Management for Gmail. Not only does this make filing more convenient for users it, but the implementation by administrators is extremely simple.

If a user would like to file emails in their email inbox, administrators would first need to download a small zip file and place it on the iManage Work Server. Once copied, users will need to download the iManage Work for Gmail Chrome Extension. Users will need to enter in their server name within the extension’s options.

The features of the extension allow users to file one or more emails into iManage at a time. Once filed, a green “Filed” indicator is placed on the email.

Users can also save one or more attachments directly to iManage Work as a new version or a new document. You can also attach an iManage document directly to an email as a copy or send an HTTPS link to the document. If a user has the extension, they also have the ability to open emails from the iManage Work web interface directly into Gmail.

There are a few prerequisites to using the extension:

  1. The user must have a valid Google account. This account must be the same account that will be filing emails into iManage.
  2. Chrome must be used to as it is only available as a Chrome Extension.
  3. The user must be logged into Chrome before filing emails.


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