Filing Emails to FileSite

, Filing Emails to FileSite

FileSite provides many different ways to file emails to your workspaces and folders. Users will always use whichever way they find to be the easiest and most efficient.

Here are the ways you can file e-mail.

  1. Drag and Drop – I prefer the drag and drop method for filing.  In the Navigation pane, you simply expand the Workspace so that the folder is visible, then from your Inbox or Sent Items folder, click and drag the email to the desired Workspace folder. This method not only files the email but it also deletes it from your Outlook folder.

*TIP:  To keep the email item in your Inbox or Sent Items, hold down the ctrl key while dragging and dropping the email.

, Filing Emails to FileSite

2.  WorkSite Email Management Toolbar (EMM Toolbar) – This is a cool feature of FileSite which allows you to file your email without having to scrolling down to your workspaces and folders.

a.  First, Choose the Workspace and folder where you would like to save the email. FileSite will give you suggested locations based on the last 90 days worth of your filing habits & recent filing locations.

b.  Second, click on the File button. This will keep the email in your inbox and tag the email with a green circle and white check mark indicating that the email was filed to FileSite., Filing Emails to FileSitec.  The Delete button on the toolbar is a toggle button, that when toggled on will delete the email from your inbox after filing.

d.  If you wanted to just save the email attachments without saving the email itself, you can use the Save Attachments button. By clicking on the drop down menu, you can select the attachment(s) you would like to save and also select the Workspace folder location.

e.  The private button allows you to file the email as a private document. This means that no one else will be able to view the email unless given access to it. This option is also a toggle button, so if you toggle the button on, any messages you file with the File button will file as private.

3.  Send and File using EMM Toolbar – the EMM toolbar is available for filing email at the time you send or reply to an email.

, Filing Emails to FileSite

a.  Select the workspace and folder on the WorkSite Email Management Toolbar where you would like the email to be filed and click on Send.

b.  The email will be sent and filed to the selected Workspace folder.

So there you have it! All of the many ways to file emails to FileSite.

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