FileSite profile dialog pop-up when filing email

We’ve had several firms contact us regarding the profile form displaying in FileSite when a user attempts to file a message to a folder.  All of the metadata looks complete and they want to know why the profile still displays and users have to click Save.

The issue is that the folder to which the users are saving the email message doesn’t have a document class assigned.  FileSite uses the default document class of E-mail, so the profile looks complete, but FileSite is basically asking the user if the document class is okay before filing the email, therefore the profile dialog is displayed.

Obviously the ideal resolution is to assign a document class to the folder, but since you can’t control user behavior another work around is to assign a default document class to your Email Profile Defaults.  This can be done from the WorkSite menu in Outlook, Defaults, Email Profile Defaults.

, FileSite profile dialog pop-up when filing email

By assigning an Email Profile Default, if a folder doesn’t have a document class assigned, when an email is filed to that folder, FileSite will look to see if an Email Profile Default is set and automatically file the message without prompting the user.

, FileSite profile dialog pop-up when filing email

This value can also be set via the registry.



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