Experienced Developers Can Easily Customize iManage Solutions

At ASI, we have been able to develop and deliver customized document management solutions to our clients. iManage makes this easier by providing training, certifications and documentation tools that developers need to provide law firms the flexibility and functionality they require in their DMS.

iManage provides documentation for each of the many integration points that they’ve made available. First, there is the main API for handling your everyday document moves, metadata updates, folder creation, etc. There are two extension libraries which add additional functionality to the main API. Between the three of these, a developer can do anything that is required through the DeskSite and FileSite interfaces.

The administration API allows developers to take advantage of user and group management including adding and removing metadata values. There are registry keys that can be edited, NRS scripts which can be put in place, Microsoft Office integration points, and so much more that allow an incredible amount of flexibility in how you can use the iManage WorkSite products. Now with the addition of the REST API, we can also tap into much of that same functionality in cloud implementations of iManage Work.

Experience is a key factor in the successful delivery of these products. At ASI, we’ve taken advantage of all the integration points to develop and deliver custom solutions to our clients. We’ve created document footer ID utilities, document import tools, right-click options for all kinds of workspace, folder, and document functionality, dialog customizations, workspace generation utilities, administration tools, and many more.

If your firm has unique design needs, an experienced developer can help you create and implement a solution that works for you.  If you are interested in discussing your situation with one of our experts, we are happy to help! Email us at

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