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Citrix XenServer – Who says "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?"

, Citrix XenServer – Who says "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?"Citrix Summit 2015, held in Las Vegas, proved to be an exciting event.  Citrix has once again wowed Solution Providers and Partners with lots of new technology and upgrades that stand to make 2015 an exciting year to say the least.  Among the topics of discussion was the announcement of the next generation of Citrix XenServer.  XenServer is Citrix’s proprietary hyper-visor most commonly integrated with XenApp and XenDesktop deployments.  XenServer 6.5 looks to be an exciting upgrade that introduces some cool new features.  Those features include:
  • A Full 64-bit kernel Architecture that will allow customers to take advantage of the latest hardware and OS platforms.  This new architecture promises dramatic improvements in network and storage performance.
  • Support of Intel Trusted Execution Technology which provides tamper detection of the hyper-visor.  This will prevent applications running on a compromised machine.
  • Asset tagging which enables workload geo-tagging.  This technology allows you to restrict workload to only run from a certain location.
  • Extension of GPU vitalization capabilities supporting NVIDA’s GRID vGPU technology which will deliver a 50% increase in server density for the delivery of high end 3D graphics.
For those customers out there whose VDI desktop or XenApp environments are hosted on a Citrix XenServer hyper-visor, it looks like some performance gains are in the pipeline.
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