Check your toolbox before switching from iManage to NetDocs

While iManage continues to be the market leading and a very powerful legal DMS, many firms are starting to consider a move to the cloud via a partnership with the longest running and most mature hosted DMS provider, NetDocs.  When making such a change there are countless things to consider including the design and customization to the data export/import process and end user training and support.  When assisting on these conversions we often find that firm’s do not consider how to handle some of the smaller tasks, such as pre-existing NRL links which seem to find their way into every nook and cranny of a law firm network environment.  To address this specific issue Adaptive Solutions has developed and deployed a custom ‘iManage to NetDocs NRL Translation Utility’ which fully integrates with the REST API and adheres to the strong NetDocs security model.  Converting your firm from iManage to NetDocs and want to re-connect those pesky NRL links?  No problem, contact the team at Adaptive and take our new iManage to NetDocs NRL Translation Utility for a test drive.

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Chuck is the President and a co-founding partner of Adaptive Solutions. As a principal of the firm, Chuck’s responsibilities include leading our business development efforts and assisting clients with the creation of system design specifications specific to network upgrades, application deployments and Enterprise Content Management systems. When he’s not delivering 1’s and 0’s to attorneys, Chuck enjoys spending time with his wife, Joanna, and daughters, Paige and Grace, at the Jersey shore in Brigantine. In his spare time, Chuck tinkers with cars, and also teaches, trains and is a Master in Tang Soo Do, a Korean style of martial arts.

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