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How to Measure Project Success

Have you thought about how to define a project as a success or failure? Many times, we think of it in the simplest of terms as defined in the triple constraint: Was it completed on schedule? Did we remain within the initial budget? Was it delivered with a high level of quality? These can indeed…

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The value of training employees on new technologies

Law firms continue to increase spending on new technologies year after year.  An often-overlooked key component is training.  In order to maximize user adoption which ultimately impacts productivity employees need proper training.    What about new employees who come on board or additional modules that are purchased after the initial implementation? It is imperative to have a training program in place to accommodate these…

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Spotlight on performing an iManage Health Check

As many firms consider the possibilities of upgrading to Work 10, what comes into question is the current state of their iManage environment and is it truly ready for this move. When was the last time you took a detailed look into your current iManage environment and Database? Today we will take a high-level look…

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Gmail filing with iManage Work 10

With iManage Work 10, email filing capabilities have expanded outside of the realms of Outlook with iManage Work 10 Email Management for Gmail. Not only does this make filing more convenient for users it, but the implementation by administrators is extremely simple. If a user would like to file emails in their email inbox, administrators would…

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Managing Text Messages as Business Records

Text messaging has become a powerful business tool, but as the often-quoted Spider-Man phrase goes, with great power comes great responsibility.  And that responsibility falls on the enterprise to manage business related text messages as they would any other type of official business record. In the not too distant past, capturing email correspondence as a…

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How’s Your Insecurity Level?

Panama, Paradise, Publicity P.T. Barnum receives attribution for the phrase “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”.  I think there are a large number of offshore investors who may be disagreeing with that statement this week.  The Panama and Paradise Paper revelations have placed an exclamation point on the importance of an aggressive security posture.  As the game of cat and…

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