Blocking Win 10 on the domain

Windows 10 is here and frankly it’s great.  You will, however, want to be careful to put some controls in place to stop the uncontrolled install of this new OS directly by end users.  Every firm has them, those users who really wish they were in IT and want to be on the bleeding edge…

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Win10 in-place upgrade + Cisco VPN = No network

Windows 10 released early today and while we have been running 10 on a host of machines we have waited until now to start testing in-place upgrades.  While 10 is clearly a huge improvement over 8.1 there is one big gotcha you should avoid during setup.  If you are happen to have the Cisco VPN…

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Microsoft Releases Out of Band Critical Update

Yesterday evening, July 20th 2015, Microsoft released one of its relatively rare out of band critical updates.  This update patches a vulnerability which could allow for the execution of remote code on a “specially crafted document” or by visiting an “untrusted webpage that contains OpenType fonts.”  Microsoft is generally in the habit of combining all…

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