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Considering a move to the Cloud? How well do you know your data?

By Clara Lillig-Wilshire | October 9, 2018

Before moving to a new home, there are many things that must be prepared and organized to make the move as efficient as possible. The same can be said for data migrations to the Cloud. Just as you would pack up your belongings in an efficient manner so that they can be easily placed in…

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How To Get Your Project Back on Track

By Laura LiVecchi | October 5, 2018

We have all been there at least once in our careers. One day everything is going smoothly on a project, then wham! an unexpected issue knocks us off course. We find ourselves scrambling for the reason why, trying to communicate it to the sponsor and ultimately spending more time on the how it happened than…

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Shed some light on your hard work – Tips to improve your documentation

By John Heilman | September 25, 2018

Nothing is more frustrating to me as a computer programmer than trying to integrate with third-party software that is not documented well. I often say it’s like feeling around in the dark. Rather than clearly seeing how to accomplish my goals, I’m forced to feel around, trying many different things until I can finally come…

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Hybrid Clouds – Why Are They the Perfect Legal Technology Solution?

By Chuck Davis | September 7, 2018

Diversify, diversify, diversify!  That’s what most financial planners will recommend when managing your financial assets.  Why would you do anything different when it comes to managing your firm’s technology portfolio?  The appetite for adoption of the cloud continues to grow, and more and more large firms, boutique practices and corporate legal departments are realizing the…

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How to Restore Files from Encrypted Azure Disks

By Todd Baratz | August 31, 2018

Like many things in a secure world, restoring deleted/corrupted files to an Azure VM with encrypted disks is not as straight forward as restoring unencrypted files. File and folder stores are not available and even though you can download the entire virtual hard drive from backup, it is unusable due to the encryption. The encrypted…

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Spotlight on iManage’s Threat Manager

By Joe Aurite | August 29, 2018

As many firms continue to receive increased security demands from their clients, iManage has created a governance suite of products to help satisfy and surpass these requirements. Security Policy Manager, Threat Manager and Records Manager make up this suite of new products. Today we will take a high-level look at Threat Manager and why it…

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iManage Work 10 – A Few of My Favorite Things

By Sara Lamantia | August 14, 2018

In 2010, I had my first experience working with iManage. I was working for a large Am Law 200 firm that was going through a large multi-office database consolidation and matter centric roll out. Since then, I have continued working with iManage with my most recent experience focusing on new implementations and upgrades. The most…

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What’s Keeping Legal IT Executives Up at Night? – Findings from an ASI Think Tank

By Jennifer Parker | August 9, 2018

A recently convened group of IT executives from both Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments (CLDs) met at a luncheon hosted by Adaptive to discuss the latest trends in Legal IT. Of the many issues discussed, it seems there are several items that tend to keep them up at night.  Here, I’ve summarized these items…

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Uses and Setup of Azure Site Recovery Explained

By Todd Baratz | July 24, 2018

Microsoft provides two ways to backup and recover data using its Azure cloud platform, Azure Backup Server (ABS) and Azure Site Recovery (ASR).  With Microsoft’s well-known penchant for fragmenting their own technologies is this more of the same? In this case, no.  These two services satisfy different requirements and should be employed to achieve separate…

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The Language of Information Security – The Devil is in the Details

By Nicholas Samodurov | July 19, 2018

A theme I touch on regularly is that learning information security is like learning a new language.  I remember the first time I took a German language course in school, and something caught my attention.  The teacher had to spend a surprising amount of time teaching the class English first.  What a surprise!  Every person…

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