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Considering moving your DMS to the Cloud?

By Todd Baratz | September 11, 2019

If you are considering a move of your document management system to the cloud, you should consider testing the performance of the cloud service provider prior to the move. Performance testing encompasses more than just running a few pings to see what the latency is. You want to, if possible, try and test the actual…

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Advantages of Flexible Folders in iManage Work Clients

By Nicole White | August 27, 2019

New to iManage Work 10, the Flexible Folders feature in the iManage Work Client provides consistent folder structure and flexibility without compromising security. Whether you are new to iManage or an existing customer looking to move to Work 10, Flexible Folders is a feature both you and your users will love.

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Adaptive Solutions Expands Information Governance Practice

By Jacob Borger | August 16, 2019

Philadelphia, PA – August 16, 2019 – Adaptive Solutions, a leading national provider of enterprise content management services to law firms and corporate legal teams, announced today that the company has expanded its consulting services in information governance. In response to substantial growth in demand for information governance consulting, the company is doubling the size…

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Coming Soon – iManage Drive!

By Chuck Davis | August 8, 2019

As long time users of iManage, legal professionals have realized the value of document management. However, many people feel that it’s faster and easier to access and save documents using traditional Windows file shares. Well, those days are numbered with the pending release of iManage Drive.

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Why you should configure Single Sign-On for iManage

By Todd Baratz | July 25, 2019

iManage 10.x allows you to configure sign on using SAML or more commonly known as single sign-on (SSO).  SSO is a newer addition to iManage authentication and allows for more secure connectivity to your iManage installation.  Prior to SSO you had the option of either explicit authentication or Active Directory integration.

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Have your “office” at your fingertips regardless of where you are

By Chuck Davis | July 12, 2019

Summer is here and for many of us this means time away from the office. The reality is that as much as we would like to “unplug” during these times, client and office demands prevent us from having this luxury. We still need to communicate with colleagues and clients and have access to pertinent documents…

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

By Clara Lillig-Wilshire | June 4, 2019

In the planning stages of a cloud migration, many clients tend to place urgency on the timeline and rush through to the cut-over weekend. This ends up making the project take longer in the end, and you wind up spending time fixing issues that weren’t caught in the testing process because it was rushed. Try…

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iManage ConnectLive 2019 and Change Management

By Laura LiVecchi | May 17, 2019

iManage ConnectLive 2019 was a great success and I heard great feedback from fellow partners and clients alike. The sessions provided much anticipated information on roadmaps and technical innovations. As a project manager, my focus was on the execution side, so I the sessions I attended focused on case studies, planning and implementation. I found…

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What is Information Governance?

By Sara Singletary | April 19, 2019

What is Information Governance (IG)? An organization’s information is an asset and as such requires management to ensure its accountability, protection, and integrity. Information governance is an organization’s plan of policies and procedures for managing its information. An IG program will vary from organization to organization, but should start by establishing a formal framework around…

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The value of training employees on new technologies

By Monica Jenkins | April 4, 2019

Law firms continue to increase spending on new technologies year after year.  An often-overlooked key component is training.  In order to maximize user adoption which ultimately impacts productivity employees need proper training.    What about new employees who come on board or additional modules that are purchased after the initial implementation? It is imperative to have a training program in place to accommodate these…

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