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iManage | Is it time for your Firm to perform an IDOL Indexer sizing exercise?

By Joe Aurite | January 16, 2020

As your Firm grows and the documents in your iManage Databases increase, the IDOL Servers and Content Engines you originally deployed could be surpassing the iManage recommended Thresholds. This is cost free exercise that will ensure your IDOL resources are performing optimally now and in the near future. The IDOL sizing exercise is something in which…

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Manage Retention of Your Physical and Electronic Records with iManage Records Manager

By Sara Singletary | December 30, 2019

iManage Records Manager (IRM) is not just for governance of physical records. With Record Manger Policy Service, retention and disposition of electronic records can be managed alongside physical records. Policy Service integrates iManage Work workspaces into the Records Manager interface by creating a pointer to each workspace. A matter’s electronic records, i.e., documents that have…

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Passwords, Passwords, Passwords

By Adaptive Solutions | December 17, 2019

A repair, upgrade, or evaluation. Not a week goes by where an engineer at Adaptive Solutions can’t assist by guessing a password, even with customers without a previous business relationship. This isn’t an iManage problem, indeed, it often stems from old systems that are now being upgraded or moved to the Cloud.

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IDOL Maintenance: How Frequently Should IDOL DRECOMACT Run?

By Erin Amores | November 26, 2019

Running DRECOMPACT command is like running a disk defragmentation on IODL Content Engines (CEs). It will delete duplicates and free up disk space on the CEs. iManage guidelines recommend running DRECOMPACT when the committed_documents count is higher than 20% of the documents count (both of these statistics can be found connecting to port 9000 on…

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How to Link Workspaces to Templates if one wasn’t chosen during Workspace Creation

By Matt McGowan | November 14, 2019

Flexible Folders are a great way to keep your workspaces organized and keeps a consistent folder naming convention across your library. If you’re creating workspaces within Work 10 or using the iManage Workspace Generator you can select a template you’d like the workspace to use and iManage will match which Flexible Folder set should appear…

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How to Measure Project Success

By Laura LiVecchi | October 30, 2019

Have you thought about how to define a project as a success or failure? Many times, we think of it in the simplest of terms as defined in the triple constraint: Was it completed on schedule? Did we remain within the initial budget? Was it delivered with a high level of quality? These can indeed…

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How to Assemble the Best Project Team for Your Migration

By Clara Lillig-Wilshire | October 16, 2019

A migration is no simple task! It is common to run into unexpected issues along the way. By building a diverse and knowledgeable project team, you set your project up for efficiency and the smoothest possible resolution to the expected surprises as they arise. Our recommendation is that our customer’s project team includes the following…

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Client Sign-off on Project Tasks

By Mary Ann Muhlbaier | October 1, 2019

To paraphrase Tolstoy, All successful projects are alike; each failed project unsuccessful in its own way. We believe the two central features of all successful projects are client engagement and clarity of deliverables. It is the primary responsibility of every project manager, be it client or consultant, to ensure complete engagement within the team and…

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Considering moving your DMS to the Cloud?

By Todd Baratz | September 11, 2019

If you are considering a move of your document management system to the cloud, you should consider testing the performance of the cloud service provider prior to the move. Performance testing encompasses more than just running a few pings to see what the latency is. You want to, if possible, try and test the actual…

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Advantages of Flexible Folders in iManage Work Clients

By Nicole White | August 27, 2019

New to iManage Work 10, the Flexible Folders feature in the iManage Work Client provides consistent folder structure and flexibility without compromising security. Whether you are new to iManage or an existing customer looking to move to Work 10, Flexible Folders is a feature both you and your users will love.

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