Blended Learning
As new technology and roles evolve, so does the platform for presenting effective learning.

Blended Learning in the Virtual World

In today’s business environment, not only is the workplace changing and evolving with virtual offices and employees, but so are the concepts of learning and education for employees.  As recently as 3-5 years ago, employers were still testing the waters of the virtual employee.  Today more environments are using multiple ways to deliver information effectively in the workplace using various tools and concepts for a blended type of learning.

As the workplace and the workforce evolves, so too do new technologies and platforms for presenting effective learning.

 3 Goals of Blended Learning

Education and learning plans play a key role in the workplace for introducing new technology.

, Blended Learning in the Virtual WorldAllocating efficient time and resources to this task is a change that revolves around the basic way people now learn, search and receive information in their daily life.

  1. Offer various access methods to information built around the firm’s standards.

  2. Establish best practices – a key concept for successfully educating employees.

  3. Use a blend of various types of delivery methods to successfully educate the workforce.

Well planned and informative coaching and learning plans with multiple types of delivery methods can enhance the user’s experience.

Standard Solutions for Blended Learning

Let’s take a look at some of the standard solutions for blended learning:[nbox type=”success”]

Classroom based training

This has been the standard, and in some environments still the preference, for educating and sharing information.

Hands-on coaching

Also a standard and in many cases goes hand-in-hand with additional deliveries of communication.

Virtual classrooms

Becoming more of a standard for many environments and a successful, cost effective way to reach a global audience.

Self-paced learning

Using a Learning Management System (LMS) has been available for quite some time and can also be an effective tool to reach and track the delivery of content.


4 Key Tips for Developing a Learning Plan

When developing any learning plan there are a couple of items you may want to think about:[nbox type=”success”]

  1. What has worked and what has not worked in the past for your environment?

  2. What needs to change in the future?

  3. Do you have the resources for introducing new types of learning?

  4. How can you change your environment and what is the best solution for your environment?[/nbox]

Answering these questions is a start for building a successful experience with blended learning for the virtual workplace.

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