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Posts by Todd Baratz

Recovering Data From An Exchange Archive

There are many many articles written about how to recover data from an Exchange recovery database, but fewer articles are around that talk about how to recover data from an Exchange archive recovery database. Normally you can mount a recovery database and run a “New-MailboxRestoreRequest” to get your data.  However, if you want to recover…

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Outlook Slow After Migrating to Exchange 2013

If you’ve just migrated your mailbox to Exchange 2013 and you’re having issues with slowness in Outlook (opening Outlook, reading e-mails, etc.) you may need to adjust something called TcpAckFrequency in the registry. The default TcpAckFrequency parameter in Windows is 200ms, which does not always work well with Exchange 2013. Luckily, there is a very…

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Migrating DHCP Servers

If you’ve ever had to migrate a DHCP server from one system to another you know how time consuming it can be to recreate a scope or numerous scopes, especially if you have reservations. With the newer versions of Windows (2008 and up) there is a command line tool that can help you quickly recreate…

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Upgrading to VMware vCenter 6

The new VMware 6 brings a host of new features, but comes with some caveats.  Users currently on ESXi 4.x hosts will not be able to join or be managed by vCenter 6.  Only ESXi 5.x and 6.x hosts are now supported.  In addition, ESXi 4.x hosts cannot upgrade directly to ESXi 6, you must…

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VDI – Because A Desktop Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!

What is VDI?  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is defined as a desktop-centric service that hosts user desktop environments on remote servers and/or blade hosts, which are accessed over a network using a remote display protocol. A connection brokering service is used to connect users to their assigned desktop sessions. For users, this means they can…

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A peek at the evolution of legal technology over the next few years

I was recently asked to be part of a panel discussion of national IT technology specialists to discuss developing technology trends.  The event was part of the ALA New York City chapter’s symposium, “The Legal Industry:  The Next Generation”. Here’s a peek at what I expect law firms to see in the coming years for…

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