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Answering Questions About the Latest iManage Upgrades and Add-ons

Attorneys have been trained to reject risk.  Many spend their lives advising how to avoid mistakes, or counseling clients who have already made them. However, what is the impact of being risk averse to technology innovation?  Firms that do not embrace digital transformation will be squeezed on profitability, growth and future opportunity.  This could present…

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DMS Victory by Avoiding 8 Common Mistakes

Winston Churchill was right when he stated, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Over Adaptive’s 20 years in the legal technology industry, we’ve seen our share of mistakes. We’ve found that the following are the eight most common DMS mistakes law firms and corporate legal departments should be sure…

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Increasing DMS Security

Given the constantly evolving threats, document management system (DMS) security is an increased priority.  While many organizations are migrating to a cloud based DMS to address concerns, others fear giving up control and having an outside entity house their data.  However, where both camps come together is agreeing a DMS security breach would be catastrophic,…

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