Working from Home (WFH) Appointment Overload

Working from Home WFH Appointment Overload

Some folks have noticed since moving to work from home in the last year, an overwhelming number of appointments are being scheduled on your calendar. Topics that could have been discussed while popping into a co-worker’s office are now eating away at the real estate on your calendar. Even as Covid begins to recede, at…

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Client Sign-off on Project Tasks

To paraphrase Tolstoy, All successful projects are alike; each failed project unsuccessful in its own way. We believe the two central features of all successful projects are client engagement and clarity of deliverables. It is the primary responsibility of every project manager, be it client or consultant, to ensure complete engagement within the team and…

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Windows 10 Settings – Can I count the ways?

A common question many have when first using Windows 10 is “where is the Control Panel?” The Control Panel has been replaced with Windows 10 Settings. The new look and feel of the Settings window is aligned to be used across various types of platforms and devices, in addition to being used by both a…

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Blended Learning in the Virtual World

Blended Learning

In today’s business environment, not only is the workplace changing and evolving with virtual offices and employees, but so are the concepts of learning and education for employees.  As recently as 3-5 years ago, employers were still testing the waters of the virtual employee.  Today more environments are using multiple ways to deliver information effectively…

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