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Posts by Laura LiVecchi

How to Measure Project Success

Have you thought about how to define a project as a success or failure? Many times, we think of it in the simplest of terms as defined in the triple constraint: Was it completed on schedule? Did we remain within the initial budget? Was it delivered with a high level of quality? These can indeed…

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iManage ConnectLive 2019 and Change Management

iManage ConnectLive 2019 was a great success and I heard great feedback from fellow partners and clients alike. The sessions provided much anticipated information on roadmaps and technical innovations. As a project manager, my focus was on the execution side, so I the sessions I attended focused on case studies, planning and implementation. I found…

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How to Build an Effective Project Team

How to Build an Effective Project Team As a project manager, it is often our responsibility to define the team members who will execute the project. However, it is always our responsibility to manage an effective and successful project team.  There are some ground rules to follow to ensure you can deliver on that responsibility:…

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How To Get Your Project Back on Track

We have all been there at least once in our careers. One day everything is going smoothly on a project, then wham! an unexpected issue knocks us off course. We find ourselves scrambling for the reason why, trying to communicate it to the sponsor and ultimately spending more time on the how it happened than…

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Top 5 Reasons Your Project Needs a Project Manager

Project Impresario A Project Manager understands all the moving parts within a project. From Initiating to Closure, the Project Manager is responsible for disseminating updates to the team and stakeholders. Their ability to identify when tasks should occur and how various pieces fit together is a core necessity for any project. Whether it be resources,…

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