REMEMBER THIS! Considerations for Data Consolidation

Remember This

Design: Make decisions on how you want your data to look in the future and work backward. Aim for the simplest possible post-consolidation environment. Limit the number of metadata fields available to ensure higher usage and less frustration. End users are more likely to use and appreciate a DMS that does not require a lot…

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How to Assemble the Best Project Team for Your Migration

A migration is no simple task! It is common to run into unexpected issues along the way. By building a diverse and knowledgeable project team, you set your project up for efficiency and the smoothest possible resolution to the expected surprises as they arise. Our recommendation is that our customer’s project team includes the following…

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

In the planning stages of a cloud migration, many clients tend to place urgency on the timeline and rush through to the cut-over weekend. This ends up making the project take longer in the end, and you wind up spending time fixing issues that weren’t caught in the testing process because it was rushed. Try…

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