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AppAssure Pitfall, the Dreaded “Base Image”

The initial trouble ticket usually comes through as a problem with replication. Whether it’s an MSP alert or an onsite admin noticing that replication is out of date, a very large replication job (sometimes upwards of several terabytes) is gumming up the works. You log in to the AppAssure console, and immediately notice the lack…

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Rapid Recovery, Virtual Standby

In this blog post, I’ll discuss some issues pertaining to Dell Data Protection | Rapid Recovery virtual standby machines. Rapid Recovery is a solution that backs up volumes at the block level, meaning the backup results are volume images. These images can be mounted as physical disks for file restore on the Core (backup server), or…

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What is AppAssure?

In my travels as a network engineer I often hear the question, “What is AppAssure?”  The simple answer is that AppAssure is a comprehensive backup solution, but that is only telling half the story. When installed with a replication partner AppAssure is a very robust system for backup, replication and disaster recovery. Here’s how it…

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