Are you Seeing Clearly? Tips on FileSite Views

Changing your FileSite Views and having them remain in place can be a little tricky. We’ll take a look at how to change your views and have them remain in place for good.


To change or configure your FileSite Default folder view, click on a folder using the FileSite Default View (typically a document folder).  Under the View tab in your Outlook ribbon, choose View Settings. Select Choose Columns…. In the Show Columns window, choose Worksite in the drop down to display WorkSite columns. From here, you can add or remove columns based on your preference. On you are finished, click OK on the Show Column window, then OK on the View settings window. We should now see the columns we added or removed from the folder we are currently viewing.


To save this view setting, we will need Outlook to communicate the change back to our VDM file in our profile folder. To do that, simply click on Change View under the View tab in Outlook, then select a FileSite view other than the FileSite Default View since this is the view we are editing. Once selected, go back to the Change View option and click on the FileSite Default View. This steps implement the changes back to your VDM file.


Advanced modifications


If you’d like to replicate a WorkSite View without having to manually add and remove columns (for example have your FileSite Default View and Document Search View look identical), browse to C:\Users\username\AppData\iOutlook. Find the .vdm file that you’d like to change and make a copy of it in a backup folder. In our case, we want to change the Document Search View, so we’ll copy the SearchDocumentView.vdm. Find the .vdm that you want to replicate (our FileSite Default View called NRTView.vdm), copy and paste it back into the iOutlook folder and rename it to SearchDocumentView.vdm. The next time that you open FileSite, your Document Search View should now look identical to your FileSite Default View.


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