Are you an iManage “Follower”?

Are you an iManage “Follower”?

Find yourself falling behind on the newest information when it comes to Work 10 updates? iManage has two great resources for customers and partners to stay informed with the latest news, new releases and updates, knowledge base, and how-to videos. Following iManage company communications through the Help Center and YouTube is crucial during project implementation but also post-implementation. Both resources allow you to follow or subscribe keeping you in the loop and not feeling left behind.

Help Center

Are you an iManage “Follower”?

We recommend you “following” as many channels as you can but here are a few that are crucial.

iManage YouTube Channel

iManage also has a YouTube channel. Click here to view how-to videos or see the quarterly updates. To always stay informed and to get alerts simply click the “Subscribe” button on the page.

Work 10 updates, Are you an iManage “Follower”?


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