“AI is coming, AI is coming”

AI is coming in iManage Work 10.1

As the legal DMS market eagerly awaits the release of iManage Work 10.1 expected in December 2017, for the first time in a long while customers will have a choice as to whether to continue to run the legacy IDOL platform or set their sights on the next generation of a more intelligent indexer.  While iManage has a long history of being a leading vendor who modernizes the process of managing and organizing content, with the acquisition of RAVN in early 2017, the value proposition begins to shift with the inclusion of artificial intelligence which enables the DM system to understand the substance of the content stored within.

How does this benefit the 21st Century attorney?

While the intelligence within the indexer is somewhat complex, the benefit is actually very simple.  Since the inception of the earliest Document Management Systems the software has always helped the attorney in finding content based on key word searches or specific metadata filters; however, the attorney had the painstaking task of culling though the results to fully understand the meaning of the information which was retrieved.  This could take countless hours and in some cases was not billable to the client, resulting in lower attorney utilization and lost revenue to the firm.  With the release of Work 10.1, firms will have the option to transition to the RAVN-based indexer which will bridge-the-gap between the concept of AI, and finally injecting this technology directly within the DMS itself.  From an ROI standpoint, the addition of artificial intelligence is expected to produce massive benefits and will enable lawyers to focus more on legal judgment calls and less on the time required to interpret the substance of the information retrieved.

Are you ready for Paul Revere?

If you’re running an older version of WorkSite or considering a move to the cloud, the time is now to start thinking about the true value of next generation Document Management.  In our experience the latest versions of Work 10 are proving to be highly reliable platforms.  Early reports indicate that onsite installations of RAVN will require less disk, processor and memory and the team at iManage is working hard to ready their cloud datacenters for early adopters.  Over the years we’ve witnessed many milestones in DMS technology advancement.  From an attorney productivity standpoint, this may be the best one yet!

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