Adding MS Account to domain user says account '… is here already'

, Adding MS Account to domain user says account '… is here already'

After a recent rollout of Microsoft DirectAccess I ran into a specific issue around the addition of a Microsoft account to the domain account. After attempting to add the Microsoft account I was constantly presented with “username is already here” and an empty data entry box.

Given the deep integration between the “Microsoft Account” (i.e. non-domain account) and Windows 10, a non-integrated account isn’t really tenable. As it works out, a simple registry hack fixes this login issue.

This fix involves the use of regedit, so be careful!

  1. Run regedit
  2. Navigate to the following key HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\IdentityCRL\StoredIdenties\<your problem identity>
  3. Delete the problem identity
  4. Now try to add your Microsoft account via the previous method. (No need for a reboot)

Once complete your Microsoft account will be added to the Windows 10 machine. (Now if only Msft would merge the organization and non-organization accounts)

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