Adaptive Solutions “Doubles Down” on iManage Cloud Excellence!

Adaptive Solutions “Doubles Down” on iManage Cloud Excellence!

Warm Hearts & All Smiles in the Windy City

January in the “Windy City” is a cold place to visit, but not so frigid for the Adaptive Solutions crew attending the annual iManage Sales Kick-Off. Founding partners Adam Doblo, Dean Bartholomew and myself, Chuck Davis; along with members of our leadership and consulting teams were in attendance for this event hosted in iManage’s home town of Chicago.

Sales Kick-Off (or SKO as it is commonly referred to) rings in the new year with an early and insider look into the company and product line, and includes break-out sessions on product roadmap, business updates and training broken into technical and sales tracks.

Recognition from iManage

While our team valued the content and social networking opportunities, the highlight was of course the awards ceremony held on Wednesday evening, January 29, 2020.

During this gathering, iManage sets aside time to recognize internal staff and business partners who have gone above and beyond by delivered outstanding performance over the prior year. Without further ado, I am pleased to announce that for the second year in a row (yes – it’s a back to back win), Adaptive Solutions has been awarded the North American Partner Cloud Excellence Award!

While this honor is predicated on the partner who deploys the most new customers in the iManage Cloud, it is also closely matched to the quality of the service as reported by direct customer satisfaction feedback. The iManage Customer Relations Team invests countless hours to survey cloud clients on their experience throughout the implementation process, with the common theme being that the Adaptive Solutions team instills the highest levels of “confidence” during cloud engagements.

iManage Cloud Customers

iManage Cloud customers include new businesses without:

  • document management
  • existing iManage on-premise clients who lift-and-shift to the cloud, and
  • cross-platform migrations from competitive DM systems.

Over 111 iManage Projects

2019 was a successful and rewarding year for our company.

We accomplished over 111 iManage projects, with our 70% involving deployment in the cloud.

Hats off to the Adaptive Solutions team for continuing to “double down” on our cloud first approach. We look forward to a productive 2020 as we work to achieve the trifecta.

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Chuck is the President and a co-founding partner of Adaptive Solutions. As a principal of the firm, Chuck’s responsibilities include leading our business development efforts and assisting clients with the creation of system design specifications specific to network upgrades, application deployments and Enterprise Content Management systems. When he’s not delivering 1’s and 0’s to attorneys, Chuck enjoys spending time with his wife, Joanna, and daughters, Paige and Grace, at the Jersey shore in Brigantine. In his spare time, Chuck tinkers with cars, and also teaches, trains and is a Master in Tang Soo Do, a Korean style of martial arts.

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