A Fresh Look at iManage Drive

A Fresh Look at iManage Drive

At the beginning of the year, iManage provided a new and improved version of iManage Drive. Why should you and your firm or company consider implementing this iManage application? When buying a car, one model does not work for everyone or every occasion (I used to love my sports car, now I need a mini-van). Similarly, the same iManage client does not work for everyone or every situation.

The implementation of iManage Drive will allow users to:

  1. Interact in Microsoft Windows Interface – This can help aid adoption for users that prefer the traditional folder structure, as well as provide Windows-based functionality that may be available in third-party apps, such as compiling PDFs.
  2. Take matters or folders offline – A folder or a whole matter can be synchronized locally for times when an internet connection is not available (e.g., courtrooms, airplanes, etc.)
  3. Upload and Download from websites and non-integrated applications – iManage documents appear as a drive-in Microsoft Windows, allowing them to be visible from any application.
  4. Use linked excel files without breaking the document links.

Things to be aware of with iManage Drive:

  1. Matters and folders do not appear automatically. Users need to actively choose which matters and folders to sync.
  2. iManage Drive stores a local copy of any synced documents onto the user’s hard drive. This data is encrypted for security but can take up significant hard drive space. You can limit the number of matters that can be accessed via iManage Drive at any one time to mitigate risks around space.
  3. Certain features, like document deletion, do not have the same full feature set as when using other iManage clients. They are constrained by Microsoft Windows functionality.
  4. The advanced searching that differentiates iManage is not available in iManage Drive, again due to limitations in Microsoft Windows.

Ready to take iManage Drive out for a spin? Contact ASI for a demo or more details.


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Jennifer Parker is the Chief Experience Officer at Adaptive Solutions. She has been working in the legal industry for over 20 years. In her role as Chief Experience Officer, Jennifer is responsible for customer relations, business development, partner relationships, and leads the Business Analyst team. In addition to this leadership role, Jennifer’s focus is on assuring that the client’s business needs drive the technology selection, design, and implementation. She is an industry leader in user adoption and works with Adaptive’s clients to assure maximum user acceptance. Before joining Adaptive in 2015, Jennifer was a “hands-on” business and IT professional in-house in both AMLaw 100 and 200 Law Firms, serving as Director of Project Management, User Support, and Training. Jennifer’s projects have included general technology assessments, user interviews, ECM system evaluation and selection, iManage Work implementations, upgrades, and re-designs, iManage Records Manager implementations, and evaluations and implementations of scanning solutions. Jennifer can assist clients with both on-premises and cloud-based solutions and has worked in both large and small law firms as well as corporate legal departments. Jennifer received her BA, summa cum laude from Bryn Mawr College, her MBA from the Haas School of business at Berkeley and is a certified Project Management Professional. When not pre-occupied with business activities Jennifer spends her time at the ice rink with her two children. Jennifer also enjoys travel and has visited 12 countries on 4 continents.

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