3rd Party Bumps on your DMS Roadmap

3rd Party Bumps on your DMS Roadmap

Technology advances at a rapid pace, always striving to make us more efficient and more productive.  These advances can also bring frustration – things don’t work as expected, things are not where we are used to them being, there is more we need to learn.  DMS upgrades are no different.  Investigating functionality of 3rd party add-ins against DMS upgrades is important for a smooth transition and continuity of daily work flow.

Often, creators of 3rd party add-ins are not provided advanced updates of what will be changed in upcoming DMS releases. What if the add-in needs to be updated before it will function with the new DMS version?  If this is not discovered before your DMS upgrade project begins, you may encounter long delays in your project.

With advances occurring so frequently, some 3rd party add-in creators find it easier and more cost effective to develop a new line of products to integrate with newer DMS version rather than creating new versions of existing products.  Learning this before a project begins can help reduce expenses and aid in the budgeting process of a project.

Neglecting the investigation of 3rd party add-ins integration with DMS upgrades has the potential to derail your project. Companies that do not fully investigate these integrations are at risk of incurring project delays and added costs.  However, with the right preparation, it’s easy to avoid these pitfalls and have a successful project.

If you have any questions, the team at Adaptive Solutions has accumulated a ton of knowledge around integration points and can assist with the review of your 3rd party add-ins and their functionality with the ever-changing DMS landscape.

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Miriam is a Project Manager for the ECM Services team at Adaptive Solutions. Her projects have included managing DMS implementations and upgrades, assisting with both on-premise and cloud based solutions and Records management implementations. Miriam has a BA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is a certified Project Management Professional. Miriam spends her free time at the ice rink, dance studio and piano recitals with her three children. She can be reached at mking@adaptivesolutions.com.

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